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This machine has a simple user interface. There are buttons and knobs for controlling the device. The machine is suitable for making coffee with both fresh coffee beans and ground coffee.

When you own this machine, there is no need for a separate device for frothing the milk. You can make several drinks with this machine.

How To Use

Coffee that has a perfect taste can make your mood quite right. This machine can make it for you when you need it. There is a water reservoir on the right of the device.

The coffee bean container is on the top left of the invention. When you have ground coffee, then there is a door for it in the top middle.

There are two brewing units at the front just beneath the user interface. There is a steamer arm on the right side of the machine.

To adjust the intensity and amount of coffee with this machine, there are buttons and dials present on the device.

Making an espresso shot requires a few steps. Fill the water tank. Then put the coffee beans or ground coffee in the machine.

Turn the device on. Adjust the strength and amount of coffee. The frothy cup of espresso shot will be prepared, giving you the perfect taste.

When you come to make a cappuccino with this machine, the whole process is the same. You need to steam the milk from the steamer so that you get the right amount of foam.

Then mix the espresso shot and the milk. Stir it well. Your cup of creamy, frothy coffee is ready.


  • Easily cleanable
  • Grinder with seven settings
  • Can make several drinks
  • Much water capacity


  • No cup warmer
  • Not much functionality


Melitta F85/0-102



Quick Guide

The machine is quite different from the others. This machine has a cool touch display. The device has two separate containers for water and milk.

There is a grinder which doesn’t make much noise. You can choose from many pre-set coffee specialties. The machine is fully automatic, and there is a Melitta connect App to operate it.

How To Use

Using this machine is not a big deal. This is the  best bean to cup coffee machine has several options in it. You can make several drinks with this coffee machine.

You can connect to the App and select the intensity and strength from there too. This machine has a 1.8-liter water tank. The milk container is connected with the device with a pipe.

There is a coffee container on the top of the machine. The grinder is the automatic one. There are an automatic cleaning and descaling program in this machine.

You are coming to the coffee-making process. Fill the water in the tank. Then put the milk in the milk container.

Fill the fresh coffee beans on the top. Turn the machine on. Select your choice of coffee, and the machines are now preparing the coffee for you.


JURA 15079 E6



Quick Guide

Using a fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine could be fantastic. The coffee is made by just a one-touch. This JURA machine uses integrated aroma G3 burr grinder.

There is a milk frother in this machine. The display of this machine is quite cool. The dispenser height is adjustable.

How To Use

This JURA coffee machine makes just a perfect coffee. Coming to its feature, the device has a water tank on its left side. The water tank is big enough.

There is a filter to control the hardness of the water. The machine can make several drinks. There is an option of frothing the milk in this machine.

There is a pipe given with the machine. Put the milk in the cup. Then attach the pipe to the milk frother. Then place the cup under the outlet.

Then turn the knob off on the right side to left. The milk will become frothy as it comes through the outlet. Making a cappuccino with this machine is easy.

First, put the fresh coffee bean in the bean container on the top. Then fill the tank with water. Attach the pipe of the milk frother and put another side in the cup of milk.

Turn the machine on. Then select the cappuccino option. After a while, your cup of cappuccino is ready.



Sage BES870UK  Silver



Quick Guide

This SAGE coffee machine is quite lovely. Its process of making coffee is a little bit different from the other devices. There is a milk frothing arm present in the machine.

The machine is not fully automatic. Some of the work is done manually when using this machine. But it’s fun.

How To Use

When we think of a coffee machine, the first thing that comes in mind is that it will give you the perfect coffee.

As soon we follow a few steps, the device can make a coffee with the best aroma and taste. Fill the water in the tank of the machine.

There is a bean container on the top. When you are making coffee with the fresh coffee beans, then put the coffee beans in the tank. Place the filter under the outlet of the grinder.

Turn the machine on. Then take the filter and tamp it from the tamper on the right. Place the filter than on the right outlet. Then start the device again.

The water will pass through the filter with pressure carrying the aroma and oil of the coffee beans with it. As you are willing to make a cappuccino with this machine.

The whole process is the same. You need to froth the milk. Then mix the milk and the coffee. The cappuccino will be ready.

Cappuccino makes the mood of a person quite well, and when it has a perfect taste, then it’s fantastic.



Sage BES980BSS 



Quick Guide

Looking at the features of this machine, it seems like one of the best bean-to-cup coffee machines. The device has displayed in it.

There is an automatic grinder in the machine that grinds the bean, tamp that and is made ready for brewing. This feature is not in the other Sage BES870UK machine.

You don’t need to tamp the coffee filter — no manual procedure for grinding required for this machine.

How To Use

First, we start with the milk frother. Pour milk in the jug. You should put the milk more than the minimum level of the milk frother, as indicated on its end. Place the milk jug.

The knob is on the right side of the machine. Pull the knob. The frother will start its process. You can adjust the temperature of the milk too.

Making a coffee with this machine is not a big deal. You need to put the fresh coffee beans in the bean container on the top. Turn the device on.

The temperature is shown on display. The cup of coffee is ready for you without doing anything. When it comes to making cappuccino with this machine, first, make the espresso shot from the fresh coffee beans.

Then froth the milk from the milk frothing arm. Mix both of the drinks. The cappuccino with the best aroma and taste is ready.

It will give you the best caffeine fix in the morning. You are making your taste buds dance with joy.



BEEM Basicselection



Quick Guide

This machine has a quite helpful feature. The device can make coffee for you at any time you want. No need to worry about the coffee.

The coffee-making process becomes effortless when it comes to making coffee with the machine. It comes with a double-walled vacuum jug that will keep your coffee hot for a long time.

How To Use

The usage of this machine is simple. There is a display screen for the timer. You can adjust the timer easily. If you want the coffee in the morning. Set the timer at the specific time you wake up.

The coffee will be ready for you before you wake up. No need to worry if you don’t wake up on time. The coffee will remain hot in the jug for a while.

You are starting with this machine. Just fill the coffee in the bean container on the top back of the device. Fill the water in the water reservoir.

Turn the device on. Select the strength of the coffee you need. Then start the machine. The coffee will be brewed for you by the machine in the jug.





De’Longhi  ECAM22.110.B



 Quick Guide:

The DeLonghi coffee machine is very famous. The taste of coffee that we get from this coffee machine is perfect.

Giving you a choice to select the intensity and amount of coffee as desired. Its milk frothing process is quite good. Gives you the right amount of foam to enjoy your cup of coffee.

How To Use

There are many machines on the market. But they all differ in many ways. Many of them don’t have enough feature. Giving no room to select your desired taste.

This machine offers you to adjust the intensity and the amount of coffee you need. The device comes with an icon control panel. Which becomes easy to operate.

The water reservoir is on the right side of the machine. Coming to the front, there is a control panel of the device. It comes with many options. You can select the cups.

Choose the strength of the coffee. The bean container is on the top back of the machine. A small door is given for the ground coffee.

When it comes to making a coffee with this machine, first, fill the tank with the water. Put the coffee beans in the bean container by just lifting the lid on the top.

Turn the machine on. Select the options. Start the machine. Your cup of espresso shot will be ready.

If you want a cappuccino, then froth the milk. Mix both the espresso shot and frothed milk. Your frothy cup of cappuccino is prepared.




De’Longhi ECAM 350.35.W



Quick Guide

This DeLonghi bean to cup coffee machine is perfect. You don’t need to have another grinder for the coffee beans. There is a built-in grinder for the coffee beans.

Coming to the milk frothing system of the machine. There is a cappuccino system in this machine. It allows you to make the best cappuccino for you. Giving you the best café experience ever.

How To Use

Using this device for the coffee-making process is effortless. There is no need for long processes that take much time and give much less probability of good coffee.

There are 1.8 liters of the water reservoir. The water reservoir is on the right side of the machine. Making an espresso shot is simple. Fill the water reservoir with drinking water.

Then put the coffee beans on the top of the machine where the coffee bean container is present. Just lift the lid and fill the coffee beans. Select the strength, cup, and the amount of coffee from the display.

Start the machine. Your espresso shot will be ready in a few minutes. There is an adjustable milk frothing arm on the left side of the machine. It makes a good foam of the milk.

If you want to make a cappuccino with this machine, Froth the milk and make an espresso shot, in the end, mix both the drinks and enjoy.




What Is A Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

First of all, we will define the topic name. What does a bean to the coffee machine means? Because many people are unaware of that.

This term is used to differentiate between coffee machines that use fresh raw beans and the refined coffee in the packings (also known as pre-prepared coffee).

We are adding some more info into this that the actual meaning of the term bean to cup means the process or a cycle of plucking the beans from coffee berry then coming to the roasting process and then into the hot coffee preparation.

This whole process is known as Bean to coffee as the name suggests that the raw coffee bean to the well-prepared cup of coffee.

What Does Bean To Cup Mean

Well, preparing coffee is an art and its the whole process of plucking the beans from the coffee berry tree to the hot creamy cup of coffee in your hand.

Now it depends on you how you care to take a cup of coffee. It can be either from some coffee shape where the barista grinds the coffee beans and then make it a coffee for you or this is from some other barista who uses the espresso machines to give you a cup of coffee.

Have you noticed any differences between these two methods? Indeed you did if you are a coffee lover. 😉

Difference is there, as the coffee that is being made by the espresso machines where the milk and coffee are being boiled and mixed separately.

It depends on the hand of the barista how well he is making it for you. We will tell you the big difference between a coffee made from the sachet of pre-prepared bottles, and then we mix it with milk and water.

But the coffee that we see when a barista makes it by the hands when it grinds the beans and then mixes it with the milk and other ingredients it has a pure taste. Why?

Because when the beans are grounded, its taste starts vanishing and the pure taste that coffee gives started fading. So it is the main difference in the homemade coffee and the coffee made by the barista.

Nowadays, the best thing that is coming on to the scenes is the Bean to cup coffee machines. It speeds up the process of coffee making within no time; it gets the coffee, ready for you.

The machine prepares the coffee with the taste of the coffee shop. It grinds the live coffee beans and then mixes it within the milk. The best thing about this machine is that we can mix the milk in this.

A partition in which we put the milk and get it done in a few seconds. So if you want to get a classic original coffee taste at home, a bean to Coffee Machine is the best option.

What Does A Good Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine Do?

Many factors contribute to what makes a good coffee bean machine but keeping in mind that we are trying to help you in the decision-making process rather than confusing you further, we will limit ourselves to what we think are the four most important things to consider when choosing what to choose.

Pump Pressure 

You need at least 9 bars of pressure when the water is pushed through the coffee and into your cup to get the desired flavour during the extraction process.

9 bar means nine times the atmospheric pressure at sea level. No one knows or cares what it means, but we thought we were going to take a look at it to show how technical it can get when it comes to making a good cup of coffee.

Water Quantity

The amount of water you push into the coffee and your cup is essential. If you over-extract the coffee, the flavour will be affected.

For example, for a double espresso, you should use about 40 ml of water. If you use 100 ml of water, for example, it will be diluted and watery and will taste mouldy.

If you like a type of Americano coffee, after 40 ml of water, you need to add hot water separately.

The best coffee bean machines will allow you to select the right amount of water to be delivered automatically while the cheaper ones will provide varying amounts of water.

Fineness Of Grind

A decent coffee bean machine will allow you to select up to ten or more levels of fineness. As a general rule, espresso coffee should be very finely ground.

You should be able to modify it according to your preferences. Cheaper machines will only have one or two levels of fineness of the grind.

Why Buy A Bean-to-Coffee Machine?

Now as you came this far in the article and I hope you must have studied all the points you just made up your mind of buying a bean to a coffee machine.

So to make you more aware of the pros of this, here are some other advantages. Below are the pros of buying a bean to a coffee machine.


The machine is as simple as a single button press machine. You press a single button. Your desired coffee will be all set for you. You can customize the taste on your own with straightforward steps.

Automatic machines can also make cappuccinos and lattes. Now, it is up to you that you will take this machine as an art or as a science.


So I mentioned above that the coffee made by the fresh coffee beans ground just before making the coffee would taste genuine in this machine, the beans ground inside and mix with the other ingredients.

So this pure life into the coffee. When you grind beans and use them immediately, there is no time for the flavour to evaporate.


Okay, so another pro of this machine is that there are many new models in which you can make the coffee on a single button press. It has more advanced settings in it.

You can easily manage them in no time. The more advanced machines have a variety of settings and options.


While coffee bean machines are designed to make coffee directly from beans, many also use ground coffee.

So if you like to try a variety of coffee flavours but do not want to be forced to buy coffee pods from a specific or any particular brand (as is the case with pod machines), a coffee bean by the cup is a great option.

Now everything is nearly covered about the advantages and goodness of this machine. It is also vital to convey everything regarding the Bean to Cup Coffee machine.

One of its drawbacks is that it is expensive as the increased technical functionalities also give some big numbers when coming to the price range.

It is also essential to keep in mind that Bean-to-cup coffee makers are usually quite large and are noisy when grinding beans.

If you love fresh coffee, however, then there is nothing better than grinding fresh beans for your breakfast coffee!